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The Narrow

The Narrow hail from Pretoria and formed 15 years ago. They consist of Hanu De Jong, Emile De Jong, Jow Feldtmann, Lias De Lange and Deon Kruger.

Today, they release their fourth full-length album, “Dream of Perelandra”, along with a seven-stop nationwide tour.

Why has it taken the band so long to release a new full album (you did release your unplugged album and EP), but this is a new milestone?


“Well it was about 7 years between “Travelers” and “You don’t get to quit”, so maybe that’s how long it takes for us to get tired of an album and inspired to do a large body of work again.”

What is the concept behind ‘Dream of Perelandra’?


“It pays homage to a book by CS Lewis.

“Perelandra” is part of a sci-fi trilogy where Lewis plays with the idea of a second “Garden of Eden” on another planet in our solar system, where it’s almost like you can experience things for the first time again. Longing for the purity of experiencing things for the first time again is something we all have in common.
This album has many firsts and we aren’t afraid to take the listener on a journey and sonically try to slow down his/her universe for a few minutes.”

How has the band changed and evolved over the years?


“Musically we’ve learned to trust in what we create. The brand is established and we can do what we love instead of try to impress anyone.”

You guys have been around for 15 years now – do you remember when you first decided to form this band, and did you think you would have such following 15 years later?


“I knew straight away the band will be huge. Simply because it was real and the members had a common vision and passion. It’s often not the music but the members that take a project where it needs to go. If you put in the time, the tunes and opportunities will come.”

You are embarking on this national tour – 7 venues. Any significance in choosing 7 venues?


“7 gigs, 7 venues, 7 years after our last album? Not really on purpose to be honest. The venues contacted me and asked nicely, so we said yes.”

If someone had to ask which song of yours represents the band the best – someone who may have never heard of you guys, which song would you pick and why?


“Probably “Where’s the Fire?”. It has most of the elements that makes up our sound. Sing-ability and power.”

After the tour, any further plans?


“We’ll regroup over a few coffees after the tour and decide. We’ll need to promote the album some more over the next year or so, so probably another tour and some videos.”

Any special memories/moments that stand out for you over this 15 year period?


“Too many to mention. But hearing this album for the first time while driving from Tauranga to Auckland and baling my eyes out is up there for sure.”


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