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Snapbvck is a Durban based electronic duo made up of Ryan James and Rhys Fataar. This year has been an incredibly successful year for this duo with their debut single, “Reckless” ft NidaalXO charting at #2 and their single “Otherside” ft Kimosabe. at #32 on the Top 40.
To end off this exciting year, they decided to drop an EP with some of their favourite tracks.

How did SNAPBVCK start?

“A bunch of us rented an old recording studio in Durban as independent musicians and producers, and eventually SNAPBVCK was formed.”

Why Electronic music?

“It’s the genre where all our influences can collide if that makes any sense. It wasn’t really a conscious decision we naturally gravitated toward electronic music.”

Tell me about your live performance – why is it different from other LIVE acts?

“Smoke-filled stage, you can just about make out one of the performers (Rhys) hitting buttons on an alien looking device. Each hit producing a flash of light and distinctly percussive sounds, in all -outputting an infectious, rhythmic, electronic beat. Over the top, synthesized notes are produced by the other performer (Ryan), on an instrument synonymous with the 80’s and early Daft Punk performances, the keytar. Striking through the mix while riding on the beat to create an unmistakable live feeling with a familiar electronic sound.”

Tell me about your debut single ‘Reckless’?

“Reckless was particularly exciting for us. We did the track with a close friend of ours, NidaalXO. And at the time we really wanted a song on radio. So when the song started playing and charting on radio stations it was really satisfying for us.”

You have achieved so much in such a short space – which moment stands out for you?

“Hearing a song that we spent time producing from each raw sound, now playing on the radio and thinking ‘We can actually do it!’ Other than that, witnessing Reckless and Otherside doing well, our nationwide tour with Red Bull, making friends we wouldn’t have made if not for music bringing us together. Lots of moments but these are the most important to us.”

Tell me about your new EP – How did you choose who to collaborate with and why, what is special about this EP and why is it different from your other releases?

“We decided to feature Durban artists exclusively on the EP. Partly to show what Durban has to offer. And because we felt they could contribute a lot musically, and they all did.

Being our debut EP, Forget The Name is quite special to us. It represents hundreds of hours of work, play, and experimentation all spent with the intention to make the listener dance or feel.”

Which song of yours best represents you at the moment and why?

“Probably Kasi Friday, That or Flux. One is commercially viable and the other is deeply electronic but, both are unapologetically groovy.”

Any other plans, gigs…?

“We are focusing on releasing more music at the moment. We want our content to stay consistent. That said we will be availing ourselves for more live gigs in the very near future.”


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