After the success of their previous 2 singles RO are back with their 1st new single for 2017 taken from their album The Daydream Club.

I spoke to the guys…

How did RO begin and where did the name come from?5C2A7901p2

“It all started at a school function which by chance we were both singing at. We clicked musically. We followed up a few months later and wrote our first single “what you like”. The name came from the end of both of our names, JethRo and LeandRo.”

Tell me more about your bROmance – why are you both such a fit musically?

“We both have different tastes in music that compliment each other. Each time we get together to write, we almost sink into a world that harnesses both our musical tastes as well as our songwriting capabilities to craft a sound that is uniquely us.”

Describe the two different personalities of both of you?

“Well I (Jethro), am like the old school one, changing up my hair and clothes when ever I can. I also have the lighter voice so my new blonde hair fits that perfectly. I (Leandro), am a very laid back guy. I’m also very sporty. Also, I always seem to have a beard.”

Tell me about the songwriting; the process, etc?

“Well, given the complexity of songwriting, we like to lay down the main melody of the song first. We then follow up with chord structures and lastly with lyrics – when we decide what the song should be about. Some songs take 20 minutes, others a few days.”

Tell me about ‘The Daydream Club’ – what inspired it, etc?

“Well after we were given these amazing opportunities we honestly felt like we were living a dream. We thought it’d make sense to create a title that invites listeners to understand how we feel.”

5C2A8257p2Why have you decided to release ‘Living Hell’ as the first single for 2017?

“Living hell” to us was always our fresh summer hit. We knew our fans would enjoy starting the year off with a hot track and hopefully this gives us a good start to the new year.”

Anyone in particular you would like to collaborate with?

“Well we are great fans of many Billboard artists. Doing a sweet collab with anyone from Adele to One Republic would be our dream. We also like the indie bands that are surfacing and would like to collab with them.”

Plans going forward?

“Well this new year is full of big things. It all starts with the promo for our album “The Daydream Club”: the rest is a secret.”




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