Inside Molly

5 piece rock band, Inside Molly formed end of 2015, with the aim of just making music.

Who are they? Find out here!

How did inside Molly start? FB_IMG_1485318230410

“Inside Molly started, December 2015 with members Brandon Labuschagne on vocals and rythmn, Lloyd Geyser on lead guitar and Drummer Rudy Du Plooy, March 2016 we found our bassist Dylan Burger, and almost year later we felt we wanted something more and got Ridge Hutchinson involved as a guitarist for the band. Basically what happened is, we said, let’s start a band, and poof the band was started.”

How do the members fit together?

“Particular thing? Not so much, Rudy and Brandon are brother in laws, Brandon’s been friends with Lloyd since high school, we all know Dylan from some or other school and Ridge was found looking for chocolate in the parking lot at the Walkerville pharmacy. Don’t think there was much thought of who’s who in the band and stuff, we sort of just gel well. Sort of. But we all dig making music and more importantly the music we make we dig making.”

What’s the message behind the band? 

“Well, none of us are into any current events, so world against Trump, no we are totally for him he has a FB_IMG_1485318194460kick ass toupee and he’s a rock star, have you seen his wife? But no message really – sort of just making noise for the heck of it.”

Tell me about your song writing?

“Well, the process is very long and tedious, we start off with playing some kind of riff, with the drummer banging on stuff, and then Brandon sort of just sings some inaudible lyrics until something sounds decent-ish, bass groove starts grooving, and then poof, song…”

Who or what are the influences?

“Well Brandon is totally hot for Bob Dylan, Lloyd is working on getting Keith Richards date raped, Rudy is super wet for Dominic Howard & pots and pans (doof doof music). Dylan’s biggest influence is Victor Wooten – Hears a Who, and Ridges biggest influence is Matt Tuck, a real big mash of greats.The kind of music we have in common is basically our own.” 

Plans going forward?

“Sho, like one gig at time until we have a terabyte, pretty much open any and all doors we can and have good time doing it. You know, we just wanna rock n roll.” 


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