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All We’ve Known is a 5-piece Melodic Metalcore/ Electronicore band hailing from the windy city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

The band consists of Vaughn Botha (Vocals), Shaun Manley (Guitar), Dill Jones (Guitar), Joe Quinn (Bass) and Robert Kibble (Drums).

Described as a blend of metalcore, hardcore, rock and electronics, the band’s sound is rooted in metal featuring electronic samples and ambience. By immersing samples and experimental elements, they hope to achieve solid, memorable and interesting music that showcases a different side of the underground music scene.

How did the band start?All We've Known - Human Nature


“The band was started in Port Elizabeth in 2014 by Dill Jones and Tom Price (former guitarist) after a previous group had disbanded. Over the next two years we experimented with different members and line-ups before landing on the current lineup of: Vaughn Botha (Vocals), Dill Jones(guitar), Shaun Manley(guitar), Joe Quinn(Bass) and Rob Kibble(drums).”

Where does the name of the band come from?


“The concept of the name is simple. Music is all most of us have ever known and has always been a medium to turn to in order to express ourselves; good or bad. From this we landed on “All We’ve Known”.”

How is the band different from all other metal bands?


“One of the things we think is different is that we incorporate samples into our music which is still a relatively new concept in South Africa. This allows us to have both a heavy and melodic influence, which we find is something people have responded to.We spend a lot of time working on our performance to stay in time with our various samples and deliver a great performance.”

How do you want to change the metal scene in South Africa?


“We’d like to firstly be a band that can put P.E. on the map of the metal scene. We’re trying to combine metal with a modern take on electronic music to bridge the gap for people that could be interested in both. We’d like to also send the message that PE has a thriving music scene, despite a lack of venues for underground bands.”

promo (photographer Steve Jones)Take me through the song writing?


“Usually we demo a song before recording it. Either Shaun or Dill will write songs. Once the instrumental is done we hand it to Vaughn to write vocals and then we take that to studio where our producer Scott (Spacebrother Productions) gives advice before recording.”

Tell me about your single ‘Human Nature’ – what inspired it, what is it about, etc?


“It’s kind of how people are naturally inclined to fall victim to their instincts. Taking somebody for granted, making mistakes, the list is endless. We’ve all experienced it and good or bad, it’s something we will always experience. It’s the single which sets the tone for our entire EP and each of the songs tends to build on that.”

What are your plans going forward: gigs, albums, etc?


“We are competing in the Wacken metal battle early March before coming back to support Ashes (Belgium) on their SA tour in Port Elizabeth. After that we’re heading into the studio to bring out some new material. We are also hoping to do a full SA tour end of this year or early next year.”

If you could choose one song of yours that best defines/represents the band, what would it be?


“So far it would have to be our soon to be released song “Perfect Disguise” the first single off our new album. This is the first song that was collaborated on by all the band members (in the current line-up) and sets the tone for the “hard hitting ” direction we plan on taking with our new music. It’s a song we’ve spent hours on and so far the crowds we’ve played it to have loved it, which is encouraging.”

Who would you love to work with/ collaborate with – if you could; international or local musicians/ producers, etc?

Vaughn: “Born of Osiris. They’re amazingly technical and also use samples. They’ve been at it for years and make it work.”

Rob: “Jason Richardson (ex-Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin). I love his technical and rhythmic stuff and I would really love to see what he could do.”

Dill: “Parkway Drive. Lately I’ve fallen in love with them all over again and really love their music. Hard hitting, melodic, technical and catchy all at once.”

Joe: “Bury Tomorrow. An up-and-coming metalcore group from the UK. They have a good mixture between heavy and clean elements of their music. Their guitar work is also very good, melodic and fun to listen to.”

Shaun: “Dreamshade. Their live show is the best I’ve ever seen. Their whole style is both melodic and technical. Catchy vocals and their whole product is great.”

If you were trapped on a desert island and could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Vaughn: “Darkest Hour – Deliver Us. It has amazing instrumentals and vocals throughout. Every song is amazing.”

Rob: “New Animals as Leaders – The Joy of Motion.”

Shaun: “Parkway Drive- Horizons. Every song is amazing and it’s been a big inspiration on my writing.”

Joe: “Asking Alexandria – From Death to Destiny.” 

Dill: “Bring Me the Horizon – Sempiternal. Changed my view on music and is probably the whole reason we began using samples in this band.”


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