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Laurie Levine

Laurie Levine burst onto the local South African music scene with her debut album ‘Unspoken’ in 2007. She has four solo album, two collaboration album with musician Josie Field and is now releasing her new long awaited solo album called ‘Canyons’.

There has been quite a gap between your last solo album and this one – why has it take you this long to finally release a new solo album?


“After I released my last solo album I started collaborating with Josie Field. Our project had a great response and so we both decided to focus on it and set our solo music aside for a while. Over that period we released two albums and were touring constantly. Once we stepped back from the project about a year ago, I had time to start looking at my solo material again, and I started writing the new album.”

What sparked the move away from the country and folk sound and into the more electric guitars, beats, synths and spacious reverbs sound?


“It happened organically and wasn’t really consciously planned. I have been playing country and folk music for the last ten years and I think I needed a change and I needed to feel creatively challenged. Sometimes things can start feeling a bit stale and you need to reinvent yourself a bit. I had started playing electric guitar with Josie Field and I fell in love with the instrument. I started writing, using electric guitar and it changed the way I wrote. The songs really determined the type of sound we went for on the record. I knew that I wanted it to be quite spacious and atmospheric, using lots of reverb, and I wanted to use subtle beats.”

Tell me about ‘Canyons’ – what inspired it?


“This album was largely inspired by nature, and the respite and solace that nature provides. Living In Joburg, I sometimes feel hemmed in and I often look to nature for answers, or just to tap into and check in with myself. Many of these songs are about longing and nostalgia and many harp back to an idyllic time of youth. This album comes from quite a dark place and it’s about my search for streaks of lightness and hope within the dark.”

Why ‘Canyons’ as the name of the album?


“Canyons is the title track of the album. It is also a metaphor for a space that exists in the mind, if you allow it to exist. A space where you can venture out of the crazy chaos around you and within you and find a deep stillness.”

Which one song off the album best describes Laurie Levine (as a person) and why?


“That’s hard to say, because they all represent a small piece of me. But in terms of where I am at in my life at the moment, Canyons is the most representative of who I am right now. So to expand on your last question – In my quest to reach a place of rest where I can feel at peace with myself. In my hope for a better, kinder world, in my understanding of each of us being just a small fragment of time, in my longing and struggle to really inhabit each moment fully, and in my respect for the beautiful workings of nature.”

‘Where the Wild Flowers Grow” – this song title intrigued me – tell me about the song?


“This is a song about going into unknown places where a new world awaits. It’s a song about stepping out of your comfort zone, even if it means being engulfed by the darkness for a while. And it asks the ultimate question of a loved one- will you follow me there, where the wild flowers grow.”

Up coming gigs going forward to promote the album?


“I’ll be launching the album in Johannesburg on Thursday the 9th of November at the Good Luck Bar in Johannesburg. And in Cape Town on the 1st of December at Café Roux and on the 2nd of December at Three Feathers, Woodstock.”

Where can people purchase the album?


“The album will be available worldwide on itunes on the 17th of November. People can also buy the album at shows or order one directly from me.”


For more details about Laurie and the new album, go to:


DATE: Saturday 2nd December 2017


Don’t Call Me Moses is a platform for the celebration and recognition of local female musicians and artists. Lu Cherry, the founder of this passion project, says she is passionate about music and seeing more female talent under the spotlight in South Africa. We have no shortage of phenomenal talent, but somehow stage line ups are still dominated by male artists. Don’t Call Me Moses aims to change that.

LINE UP: Laurie Levine, the Royal Commoners and The White Rabbit
VENUE: Three Feathers, Woodstock
ADDRESS: 78 Bromwell Street, Woodstock

TIME: Doors open at 7pm. Show starts 8pm
TICKETS: R100 online/R120 door. 20 early bird tickets @ R80 BUY:

***The album will be released on itunes on Friday the 17th of November 2017.