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Kahn Morbee

Kahn Morbee, front man of The Parlotones, has forged his reputation as a solo artist performing as KAHN. 

Kahn Morbee’s second studio album, ‘A NOISE IN THE VOID’ was recorded and produced by Theo Crous at the Belville Studios in Cape Town and with the assistance of Robert James Davidson (keyboard and synth for Zebra & Giraffe).

How is the writing process different when writing for The Parlotones as opposed to just writing for yourself as a solo artist?


“This time round all the creative decisions lie with Myself, Theo and Rob Davidson…who provided most of the keyboards.”

Why did you want to work with Theo Crous on this solo project (besides for the fact that he is one of the best producers in the country)?


“He has an amazing studio, a great feel for music and we’ve recorded 7 albums together, so we know how to get the best out of each other.”

What is the underlying theme or what was the intention / message behind this album?


“The theme carried by the character Mr. Tobor questions what the human existence can be likened to mechanised robots and also questions planet earths insignificance in this vast universe. The songs are about the human journey, the good and the bad.”

Why did you take this different approach “tongue in cheek, as a smorgasbord of gospel alternative 80’s POP from the future”?


“I used a lot of female vocals to ensure a departure from Parlotones. There is a good mix of synths across the album (80’s) BUT also mostly organic instruments…the theme of a world run by robots lends itself to the future.”

After all these years do you still find it stressful to release an album, especially your solo work?


“Yes, the music industry has become very crowded and fast paced. People no longer invest time in albums, they only want fast paced singles which they love for 3 minutes and then move on and also music has become FREE. I remind myself what it is about music that I fell in love with, and that is what I try re-create. It certainly doesn’t fit in with the current trend BUT it’s most satisfying for my soul. It may not be commercially successful BUT for me success is measured in the level of satisfaction and happiness I can achieve within the projects I work on….I achieved this regardless of how it will do commercially.”

You have collaborated with various musicians on the album – what sparked the idea for each collaboration – elaborate on the relationships, the depth that each musician brought to each song, and why these particular musicians were chosen?


“Karen and I became friends during THE VOICE and this evolved into writing a song together and touring together. Nic Olsen and I have written songs together in the past and he is probably one of the best and most underrated songwriters in SA. I went on a songwriters retreat in Tulum, Mexico and I was paired on one of the days with Tristan Prettyman and we created a beautiful song together.”

Which song on the album best describes Kahn at the moment and why? 


“We could be Divine. I’m currently on the ‘We could be divine’ tour with Karen, so it’s certainly front of mind BUT also I like the sentiment that life will be filled with hurdles, negative moments and bad people BUT together with your loved ones, family and friends, this brief blink of an eye we call a lifetime could ‘mostly’ be divine.”


The album is available for download here and on CD in music stores nationwide.

Watch all the music videos from Kahn’s album ‘A Noise In The Void’ here: