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Jamie-Lee Sexton

Jamie-Lee Sexton founded The Sextons in 2014, and has decided to rebrand herself as a solo artist.

Her solo EP, MAGIC features songs that stem from her personal stories and life experiences.

Her debut single, MAGIC is available TODAY and was produced by SAMA Award-winning Producer, Crighton Goodwill.

It has been an exciting adventure for me to follow this talent, who started off as an Idols contestant in 2005, and then again in 2010.

I interviewed her first in 2013 as a solo artist, then again when she formed The Sextons, and now it is an honour to continue on this journey with Jamie- Lee as she re-invents herself as a solo artist.

You started off as a solo artists, formed The Sextons and now are re-branding yourself as a solo artist – why this move?


“This newfound direction is about reinventing myself as an artist with a renewed energy and vision, with a greater understanding of connection and the creation of a three-dimensional future in music.

Jamie-Lee Sexton as a brand is my passion and always was, and today I want to dedicate my time and energy towards this change.

I will also continue to create high energy performances with talented musicians by my side.”

MAGIC is your first solo single – why did you choose this song as your break out /rebranding single?


“Magic , is MY Magic and I wanted to share this new venture with the world. And it’s a pretty awesome track !”

Why should people believe in Magic and besides for the magic experience as a child, do you still experience magic?


“I experience Magic every single day of my life and it appears in different shapes and forms. Writing music and connecting my emotions to the words is Magic!

I think people should believe in Magic because it makes life and the experiences exceptionally beautiful and memorable.”

It’s a great single and so very Jamie – but is it very different to The Sextons sound, and if so, how?


“Yes, it’s different, as I am in the process of reinventing my sound.

This track and the up and coming EP, has more focus in the genre that I feel most connected to, which is “Alternative Pop”.

I have also included more modern elements and my vision is more in tune at this point. I am also experimenting with various sounds and truly talented people in the industry as SA is full of them!”

I hear a lot of reggae and funk in your new song, mixed with pop, soul and a bit of rock – if you could choose one genre, which would it be and why?


“Magic and the up and coming EP – are “Alternative Pop”.

This genre has elements of pop, soul and a touch of funk. This is my New Flava!”

You launched a MAGIC campaign on Social Media – explain it to me?


“This Marketing Campaign is really important to me. My team and I, have put a lot of hard work and dedication into this project.

We have been creating some very cool ideas and placing them into this campaign. That’s all I can say for now…., I am SUPER excited to be sharing it with you all.”

Plans going forward as a solo artist; gigs, etc


“A lot is in the works at the moment. Playing awesome music festivals this year; Oktoberfest, White Mountain & Oppikoppi .

And a Nationwide Tour- in the pipeline…. Follow me on FB, Twitter and Insta for more info on that.”


Buy the single here: