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Jade Hubner

She is a SABC 3 Top Billing presenter, an actress, MC, a model and now she can add musician to her ever impressive CV.
Jade Hubner recently released her first solo track entitled Just Let Me, written together with renowned lyricist Andrè Scheepers who has worked with the likes of Jesse Clegg and Bobby van Jaarsveldt.

Before the creation of Just Let Me, Jade hadn’t played the piano for over 12 years. Learning to play the song was a challenge which the multi-talented Jade overcame in a mere three hours.

What sparked the desire to add ‘MUSICIAN’ to your already impressive CV?
“This was a desire that was sparked in me as a little girl. I fell in love with how music made my entire body feel, how it made me want to move and how it gave me goose bumps. I started pursuing it before becoming a Top Billing Presenter but almost lost faith in myself. After I settled in as a presenter, I decided to work harder at this lifelong dream of mine.”

How did your relationship with Andre Scheepers come about?
“A mutual friend in the radio/PR industry recommended that I work with him and quickly put us in touch.”

‘Just Let Me’ is everyone’s introduction to you as a musician – tell me about it and why did you choose this as your first song?
“Just Let Me explores the emotions and mysteries of being in a new relationship. I sing about letting me in and how one doesn’t truly know me. I connected to the song because since being in the limelight, I have experienced many prejudices and this song allowed me to  express what I was feeling and show my true heart. I know many people will be able to relate to this song in their own way. It’s raw and it’s honest.”

If you had to choose between presenter, musician or actress, which would you choose and why?
“I always dread this question. It’s constantly changing, depending on the project.”

If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry who would it be and why?
“I would say Kygo, Black Coffee & Major Lazor because everything they do is just brilliant. Their songs fill your entire being..”

What are your big plans for your music career; further releases, an album, gigs, etc?
“I have a gig at Shimmy Beach at the end of this month and I’m currently working on a few new songs. I also just released a cover of, “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles which is on YouTube.”


Watch the official video here: