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Garth Taylor

Garth Taylor wrote his very first smash-hit, ‘Why’ in 1996.  It was released in 1998 and topped the charts for five consecutive weeks. 20 years later and he is still going strong.

Coincidently he has just released a new single called ‘Stronger’.

20 YEARS: Do you remember the first time:

– You started writing songs plus the first song you ever wrote?


“I remember the first time I wrote songs for Radio. I have been writhing songs my whole life, I’m not sure what my first song was, although I do have a song I wrote for a girl when I was 10 years old.”

– You picked up a guitar?


“I was very young, in fact my mom taught me how to play “House of the Rising Sun”. 

– The first time you heard your first song playing on radio?


“It was in October 1998 and it was quite a celebration.”

How has music saved your life?


“I wouldn’t say music has saved my life… I would say it is my life, and it has been from the beginning.” 

Over the years you have had many incredible experiences – which one moment sticks out for you and why?


“Yes I have had incredible experiences over the years performing with great artists, especially for Richard Branson. But I would say the best moment for me was having the opportunity to be a celebrity at a children’s home and coming from a children’s home myself, it was a full circle moment for me.” 

If you could give your younger self advice, 20 years ago, what would it be?


“Don’t sign anything with anybody because it was quite a rough start to my recording career. Signing contracts with certain elements that held me back and only recently I am starting to recover from those mistakes.”  

Tell me about your new single ‘Stronger’?


“My new single Stronger is actually a theme song for Women’s day and ended up being a radio hit. I had put a post on my Facebook Page for Ladies around the world and in South Africa to tell me what they thought made them stronger and I had such a great response. Some ladies even tried to write the song for me.” 

Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with, musically?


“There are a lot of people I would like to collaborate with however sadly it’s easier said than done in the industry because as artists we are so busy with things and a lot of the time we are all busy with our own projects we don’t have time to actually reach out. Collaboration is definitely on my list for my 20 year anniversary.” 

Plans going forward?


“To write songs and release song and hope people want to listen to my songs. The only thing different is that I will be touring a bit more often.” 

Please see the below link to Garth’s lyric video: