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Free tools for Musicians

Concerts SA’s free online toolkit to give musicians a headstart

South African music promoters and musicians can now access a handy online toolkit to help them with funding applications, marketing, concert production and other essential skills to help them get ahead in the industry.

Concerts SA, as part of its exchange programme with Norway’s Kulturtanken, has partnered with the Norwegian Live Music Association to adapt its online toolkit for South African music professionals to use and draw benefit from.

This web-based resource is now available for free public access by South African music professionals on the Concerts SA website.

Primarily aimed at emerging and budding musicians, event organisers and promoters, the toolkit also offers useful tips for established artists and other players who may be unfamiliar with some aspects of the industry.

The seven chapters include user-friendly guides on:

  • How to apply for funding and grants from various industry bodies;
  • How to book and manage artists (including what role agents, publicists and record labels play in the artist’s team);
  • How to work with finances and calculate budgets for events, operating expenses, crew wages and other overheads;
  • The importance of brand building and marketing, including using flyers, posters, press releases, advertising and platforms such as social media to market your event;
  • The technical aspects of concert production, such as selecting a venue, crowd management and safety, acoustics, lights, PA systems and so on;
  • How to ensure safety and security at concerts and events, including emergency procedures and risk assessments; and
  • How to approach potential sponsors to buy into you, your brand or your products, and how to compile a sponsorship strategy.

“We realised that many South African promoters and musicians, while having the necessary talent and the drive, are being disadvantaged in the music business by not having certain professional skills that could accelerate their progress,” said Nailla Dollie, Concerts SA Project Manager.

The Concerts SA project, which is administered by the SAMRO Foundation, was started in 2013 to reinvigorate live music performance in South Africa. This is being achieved through direct, targeted interventions aimed at building capacity and stimulating a thriving live music circuit primarily through its Venue Circuit, School Circuit and Music Mobility Fund programmes. Concerts SA also drives research initiatives for sharing as a public resource, for use in its own framing and development, for engagement around art-related policy issues, and as a public lobbying and advocacy tool.