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Expression through Time

As much as I love music and theatre, I love my accessories, especially jewellery and watches.

An accessory is an extension of your personality – it is a form of artistic expression.

In today’s rat race, where we are all tied to our computers; whether it be in a conventional office setting or as a freelancer in a coffee shop, there is often very little time for any personal creative outlet or expression.

I am lucky that my work involves being surrounded by creativity, but quite often it is not my own. I often live vicariously through someone else’s form of expression.

That is why I love accessories and fashion, because it is my way to creatively express myself and extend my personality.

The watch I wear, the rings I put on, all match a certain mood or feeling.

Very often you hear fashonistas mention that they dress how they feel.

This is true.

Very often that article of clothing or accessory can also elevate a mood.

As a women, a smudge of lipstick, a dazzling bracelet, can make you feel glamorous and powerful.

Men also use accessories to express their personalities and interests.

Take the REC Watches range. This time piece is someone’s form of artistic expression; the person who designed it was given an outlet:, using old car parts to design the watch. The designer of the watch created this accessory, which could ultimately appeal to the car lover and of course watch lover, as an extension of their personality.

There are so many designs that appeal to so many.

The 901 – A collection made from salvaged Porsche 911’s for me is the expression of a smart, masculine, active person, who isn’t shy.

The P51 – A collection made from salvaged 1960’s Ford Mustangs is perhaps the more mature, business man, who is a little more reserved but bold.

The Cooper collection made from salvaged vintage Minis is more simple, elegant, and perhaps appeals to the introvert.

But what ever you might feel, these watches definitely contribute to the artistic expression of the watch-maker and the person who specifically chooses to buy the unique design to match and express his personality.

So until REC Watches decide to create watches for women, I will find my creative outlet by vicariously admiring these pieces of art.