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Emily Capell

Emily Capell is a singer/songwriter from North West London. Her music is a little bit of everything all rolled into one and credits the late Joe Strummer as the reason she pursued a music career.

Her music has playlisted on stations such as BBC 6Music, Radio X and BBC London, and she has shared the stage with many greats at festivals like Glastonbury, the Isle of White Festival, Y Not Festival and the Reading Festival.

She will now be supporting TEXAS for their Africa Tour and South African audiences will have a chance to share in this music experience.

You grew up surrounded by music – but do you remember that exact moment when you decided that this was your career/life path?


“I think it was probably the day I played my first open mic gig. I went down to the pub at the bottom of my road and did about a 15 minute set. I didn’t play any covers I just did some songs I wrote in my room at home! It was great! I wanted to do as many gigs as I could from that point!”

Do you remember the first song you wrote – elaborate?


“The first song I wrote was a song called Peter and it was about Pete Doherty from a band called The Libertines! Hahaha! It was all about how I didn’t want him to die cause he was a bad heroin addict! I don’t play it now! Hahaha it was terrible!”

Your genre of music is a mixture of different styles and genres – drawing this inspiration from your hero Joe Strummer, but which genre best defines you and why?


“I can’t really think of just one genre that describes my music. There’s a bit of Ska in there for sure but then the first song of the set is always a Country song… I don’t think I can box the genre of the band! But I think we lean a lot towards Ska music, just with a bit of Pop, Folk and Reggae thrown in!”

You have played at all these incredible festival (Glastonbury, etc), infont of thousands of people – is there a specific moment that stands out for you and why?


“My Glastonbury set on the Leftfield stage was great! I really couldn’t believe I was singing on stage with Billy Bragg. But the Festival was so muddy that year it started to feel like hard work. You can’t enjoy it when you’re covered in mud and wet and cold. And it’s a NIGHTMARE to have a beehive in that weather!! Isle of Wight was pretty amazing! I’ve been really lucky to be able to do some big festivals!”

Tell me more about your song writing; what inspires it, etc?


“Honestly anything inspires me. I like to go through the papers and see what people are talking about. Facebook is a really inspiring thing for me. I like looking at how other people see things and write about them. I also like to go through old TV stuff and find good music!”

Your single ‘Joey’ was received very well – tell me about it?


“Joey was a song that I wrote after listening to a band called The Beat and another band called Anita and the So and So’s. I had written the whole thing but I didn’t have a chorus. I am a QPR fan and at the time a player called Joey Barton was our captain and so I named it Joey after him! Hahaha!”

Which song of yours best describes you now and why?


“I always find that the last song you’ve written is the one you like the most. I wrote a track called Bonanza and we now end our set with it! I think it best describes how I feel about everything. It’s quite upbeat but the lyrics are about Joe Strummer and not being able to afford to go to Uni and life in general! It’s my favourite one!”

You are opening for Texas on their South Africa tour – how did this come about?


“I came over to Dubai in about May this year and did a few gigs and made some great contacts. I have a really cool management / label behind me and they’re really helping out and doing amazing stuff!
I’ve had some incredible opportunities. I’m so excited to see Texas and play some dates with them!”


Is this your first time in South Africa, and what are you looking forward to the most?


“I was in South Africa earlier this year and it was amazing!! We were staying in a hotel right near Table Mountain and when we woke up in the morning I could see it through my window. I went to the beach where the penguins were too, which was insane! I had a great time and the gig went really well! I can’t wait to go back and play!”

What can South African audiences expect from your live show?


“Well this time I have the band with me and so they can expect a much bigger sound! It’s bigger venues and longer set lists too! And the boys have matching jackets to wear! These gigs are not to be missed!”

Any further up and coming plans, music releases, etc?


“There’s a brand new releass coming in the new year, that I’m so excited about! It’s an EP and so there are 6 tracks all together. We also have our own UK tour to look forward to! I hope I get to come back to South Africa as well!!”

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