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Dustland Express

Dustland Express formed in 2008, and for such a young band have been through a lot: many band member changes, life’s curve balls… but they are still standing and have just released their debut album “ The Question, Sir, Is Why?”


“Brendan brings enthusiasm. He’s basically the engine of the band. He keeps everything running, even when Dustland gets into a rut. Without him the album would probably have taken a lot more time.

Gareth’s design work is awesome, and to have somebody as talented as him on hand is great for us. He likes to dab, unfortunately, so please pray for us.

Mike’s the craftsman. He built Kamil’s keyboard stand and other ingenious things for the band. What he lacks in emotion, he makes up with his clever hands.

Kamil has long been the purveyor of free beer, hubbly, and studio space. Also, without his keen ear for melody and production Dustland’s sound wouldn’t be the same.

Zack’s relaxed, and no matter how hard we try to wind him up he stays chilled. He’s also been most responsible for getting the music out there through his personal work channels.

Scott brings the melancholy back from his trips to the void. He also writes the lyrics and vocal melodies that work so well with Kamil’s compositions.”

What is a Dustland Express?

“It’s an old train speeding through the wasteland collecting whatever sticks to it.

We try to straddle the line between being unique and being accessible. We love the huge, epic sound of bands like Queen, and enjoy the vocal prowess and melody choice of guys like Lou Gramm from Foreigner. Most of us come from a background of metal and punk, so you’ll also find a lot of that stuff sprinkled throughout our tracks, too.”

The band has been through a lot of changes – what does this album mean to you and what do you want people to take from it?

“Dustland happened because our previous band, Man In Suit, came to an abrupt end. We’d worked extremely hard on an EP called Battle for the Sky which, unfortunately, never got a proper release. This effected Scott, Kamil, and Brent (our former guitarist, and always friend) quite a bit.”

The Question, Sir, Is Why? is the culmination of all we’ve learned from that experience. The album’s taken an extremely long time to put together because we wanted everything to be perfect. Every song needed to have some awesome quality that warranted it being on the album. We really didn’t want to include any fillers, so sometimes songs were scrapped far into the recording process, only for another to be started. This happened often.

Dustland wants people to feel like they’ve stepped onto a ride they can’t get off of. We want them to be excited by the epic moments, and moved by the smaller, intimate songs. If there’s only one thing we’d like a listener to take from the album it’s:Who are you, how do you fit into this lunatic world, and what are you contributing to stay the madness?”

Which one song (if you had to choose) represents the band and why?

Tough one! Guess that would have to be Nemesis. It’s the first track we wrote for the album and also the introduction of a more aggressive side to Dustland. It’s a crazy hybrid of metal, punk, and pop.”

You can listen to it here:

Name one memorable/funny moment that stands out for you over the course of these years?

We were offered an opening slot at Assembly when we were starting out. This was a huge deal to us and we were obviously really nervous. The set was going fine up until Scott dropped his pick and the band lost their place. We kind of just stood there smiling, with Kamil clapping and gyrating awkwardly, as the backing track coasted along. Eventually we managed to find our place, but by then our confidence was shot and the crowd was confused. Good times!”

If you could collaborate with anyone; musician/producer, who would it be and why?

Howard Shore because we love the theatrical side of music and think it would be awesome to make a concept album where you really “feel” the story.”

Future plans?

Make sure the album gets the support it needs! We’d love to go on tour to get the music outside of the Mother City. Once that’s done we’ll start writing our new EP with an eye for a 2018 release. We’re hungry to get new material out there as soon as possible.”