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DJ Regi

Belgian based, DJ Regi holds the #1 spot in the Belgian Ultratop Single Charts, and beat the summer hit ‘Despacito’, with his single “Where Did You Go (Summer Love)“. This is the biggest chart and singles success this year for a home grown artist. The track has over 3 million streams.

What drew you to the world of music and specifically Djing?
DJ Regi:
“I always wanted to be a music producer & artist. As a child I was intrigued with how hit songs on the radio came to be. So I studied music theory, and tried to find out everything there is to know about studios, producing & songwriting.
The DJ-part came organically, because I wanted to perform my own songs. So DJ-ing was a natural next step.”

What makes a DJ better than another; how do you differentiate the good from the great?
DJ Regi:
“The ability to ‘feel’ a crowd. To know what song to play when, and to create a journey for your audience. Having some hits of your own is also a must.”

Explain the production process of ‘Where Did You Go’ and why do you think people are drawn to this particular track?
DJ Regi:
“I just came back from 2 months in South Africa, and went straight into the studio for a 3 day writing session. Since it was the end of summer in SA, we wanted to write a track about losing a ‘summer love’. A lot of people can relate to that. And it’s nice to see that one year later the song is all over the radio in SA, so mission accomplished.”

How does it feel beating the summer hit ‘Despacito’ off the charts?
DJ Regi:
“That was really special, because we were number 2 in the charts in Belgium for some weeks, and we thought we would never reach the number 1 position, because of Despacito. But when it happened, and stayed there for over one month, we were over the moon.”

Why do you keep coming back to South Africa; what is it that you love so much?
DJ Regi:
“I’ve been coming here for 20 years now. And it was love at first sight. I call it my second home country after Belgium. The plan is to also build a recording studio in SA, so I can work with local artist, while enjoying the country even more.”

Plans going forward?
DJ Regi:
“I’m in SA now, so the first thing back in Belgium is to do a writing session again, filled with ideas that came to me in SA. In March there is the Miami Music Week, April back to Tokyo for my residency there. Then the festival season starts in Europe, with of course my Tomorrowland sets as an absolute highlight. Shows in South Africa are also high on my list for 2018.”

Where did you go (Summer Love) OFFICIAL Video

Reg performs at Tomorrow Land Belgium 2017