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Dane Woods

Dane Woods is a multi-instrumentalist from Cape Town and has been in the music industry for a while, performing as a drummer for several bands.

With a few singles and an EP already under his belt, Dane has released his first solo full length album, entitled “Parts of a Whole”

Tell me a bit about Dane; growing up, the influence of music in your life, your music background, etc?


“I come from a very musical family, both my parents sing and play guitar. My sisters were also into singing and as children we used to perform certain songs on road trips as a trio (Paul McCartney’s We All Stand Together). At about 9 years old, one of my closest mates and I used to tape-record funny songs we’d perform using random toys and sports equipment. I still remember an inflatable world globe making the meanest kick drum sound. Music has just always been there. It’s like a friend that I can rely on. Always there.”

“It’s actually pretty crazy sometimes, almost everything inspires a tune or rhythm in my head. It’s not very helpful in serious conversations when my mind accidentally drifts to a musical place – but that’s a comfortable cross to bare.”

Why did you decide to produce a solo album?


“It’s just something I have always wanted to do! I’ve found that in previous bands I’ve been in, as a drummer, I was limited with my influence to the rhythm section, or to what I could convince people to try. I wanted to produce some tunes that weren’t shaped by other people’s opinions, agendas or egos…  …just my own I guess.”

Who is Dane, the solo artist?


“I love tinkering on guitar and squeezing out some buttery feels. I sing at home, constantly. My girlfriend is always getting treated to nonsense songs as I go about my business. I often take inspiration from things I see in movies, the way a beat or a melody can create a feeling. Some current stuff I’m working on is somehow more ‘character driven’. Like, the song embodies the character of a person or place rather than just Dane pushing out some more Dane.. In my mind, anyway.”

Tell me about ‘Parts of A Whole’?


“’Parts of a Whole’ is my first album. It took a while, about 3 years, learning as I went, with life getting in the way at times. Most of the content deals with frustrations/confusions of the head and heart, with hints at encouragement of good things and anger towards the selfish. It was all self-recorded and produced, but I got some mixing and mastering help to finish it up. With that in mind, it has a kind of lo-fi sound as it’s all bedroom recordings.. but I think it’s a good start!”

Which one song off the album best describes you and where you are at in your life as well as musically?


“I’d say the last track, ‘Pencil Berry’. The lyrics go “Forget about me and my ego, it’s a no-go, just let go..” It’s kind of how I want to be as an artist. Unforgettable! But I just don’t want to be pushing my ego out there. Let good tunes exist without stamping your ‘ness all over it. Most of the time it feels that music doesn’t come from inside a person. We should rather just be a tap, an opening, that it can flow through. So yeah, I’m currently being a tap, musically.”

You have just released FOR HER, tell me about this single?


“’For Her’ is the 8th track on the album. It’s about being in a negative situation, realizing what is wrong and breaking free from it yourself. I just finished editing the music video for it that I put together with the help of some close friends.”

Plans going forward?


“I’m currently working on some singles that I’ll be releasing in the not-too-distant future.. Some real goodies! And yeah, video has really started interesting me so I’ll be sinking my teeth into some more visual projects.”


Parts of a Whole is available for purchase and streaming on all digital platforms via