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This Canadian riff metal band consist of James Farwell (Guitar & Vocals), Dan And (Guitar, Vocals), Shane Clark (Bass), and Matt Wood (Drums).

BISON are making a  return with their brand new album entitled, ‘You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient’ and have just released a brand-new music video for Anti-War.

The band has been together for well over a decade – do you remember the moment you decided to form BISON?


“It was 2007 and I remember being a bit drunk. My previous band had broken up and I was still pretty bummed about it. In retrospect I was being dramatic… anyway, I was listening to tons of later Black Flag and Sabbath, stewing in a sort of depression. I realized I wanted to put together a heavier band than my previous thrash band, I wanted it to have more aesthetic and more room, more emotion. I wanted it to be heavy.”

What has changed over the years, in terms of what you stand for, the style of your music, the writing, etc?


“The thing that has changed is life. I write what I know, and what I feel. Life changes and so does the music. The common thread is the underside of it. It’s always more interesting for me to write about the darkness. It helps to talk about it, figure it out. If you’re happy, fuck it, don’t question it. Happy music is boring, you learn nothing from it.”

Why did you want to record the new album in your hometown?

“We enjoy working with Jesse. He has recorded the bulk of my entire recording history, so we have a close musical relationship. He knows my writing and he understands it. We also wanted to be close to our families while doing this project. They are very important to the band and it’s direction and action.”

What was the intention behind the sound and message, for this new album?


“I think it became more about escape and rediscovery. It’s about fighting to be free within daily living and being a part of the world. It’s about discovering what you love and what you would do for that love. It’s about being honest about who you are and what you have become.”

Explain ‘You Are not the Ocean, You are the Patient’ – the meaning?

“We have become arrogant. We have a sense of entitlement and that we are in control. We are not. This all can be taken away in a heart-beat. We are an experiment, with nobody in charge except ourselves. We do not create, we are allowed to create. We are dependent, completely on our environment, which we are killing. It’s about coming to terms with that relationship.”

Why release Anti-War as your first single?

“Honestly, it’s the shortest, most straight forward, fuck shit up song on the record. People have a limited attention span, so that seemed to be the one to grab people while they were away from their phones. Also, I am a fairly amateur videographer, so I wanted to start with a shorter project.”

Explain the concept behind the video?


“The concept is chaos. The song is about being a fraud in your life, thinking that no matter how much you have mastered daily living, you are lying to everyone around you. The footage is all purposely found footage shot on my iPhone, of aspects of my own life. So that seems fitting.”

Any chance of touring to South Africa, if so, when?

“We will go anywhere and everywhere… we would love to come to South Africa, so MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!”


Check out the new BISON Video for ‘Anti-War’ here: