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Alexandra May

Alexandra May has been involved in the performing arts from a very young age, with most of her experience stemming from Musical Theatre. This triple threat, decided that her calling was to try her hand at the more commercial music scene, as she wanted to make her own music, she wanted to tell her own story. She is very used to telling the stories of others, and while she absolutely loves performing; singing, dancing and acting, it was time for her story.

Alexandra grew up listening to her parents music which was 80s pop; this was from her dad’s influence, and her mother and grandparents are the lovers of the old song books as sung by the musical theatre greats.

Alexandra has approached the song writing very seriously with a great focus on the lyrics, the meanings of the songs. She has been working with many people to hone her writing skills and to learn more about this craft.

Alexandra hopes to encourage and motivate young people through her music.

Her first single was ‘Amazing’, which was a very POP sounding, and while this single helped launch her career, she has decided to take on a very different direction with her music going forward, with a new project called Alexandra May & the MAYze.

She has released her new single called ‘Like You Do’ today.

Explain this change from POP Princess, when you first launched your new single Amazing, to your new vibe, which is edgier, backed by a band?

Alexandra May:

“I don’t think I’ve changed from being a ‘Pop Princess’. I believe I still am. I love creating pop music. However, I do think that my music has evolved and grown with me as a person. I released AMAZING when I was 19 yrs old, and it has been over a year since I released anything new. I’ve taken the time to grow and mature. My new sound and music hasn’t left the pop world, but rather has grown with me.”

A lot can change in a year – who is Alexandra May now, as opposed to then?

Alexandra May:

I’m still the happy, vibrant ‘Ally’, although I’ve experienced a whole lot in this past year (good & bad). I’ve recently started a new journey as an independent artist & it has been a challenging and growing period for me, discovering myself as a 21 year old and finding out how my music will evolve with me.”

Tell me more about the band?

Alexandra May:

I’m still a solo artist, but wanted to create the band to give me the opportunity to do what I love to do – perform! The MAYze band members are people that I genuinely love and treasure, each from different backgrounds & we work brilliantly as a team on & off stage.

Keith MacFarlane – brings so much experience and music knowledge with him and is also VERY caring and hugely excited about the MAYze.

Kiya Mac – The guitar songbird – she’s my friend and co-conspirator and she also LOVES fashion!

Kieran John – Is BAE … hehe … He’s also one of the most incredibly talented and dedicated musicians I’ve worked with.

Steven Longchamps – is my friend and rock. He’s got my back and heart! And he’s a whizz on so many instruments.

Kudzayi Mhlanga – is a friend who has played with me at church for a few years! His swag beats & skills are beyond amazing!

Isabella Jane – is my sister and she sees each breath I take – and JUST knows ME!”

Why have you decided to go Independent?

Alexandra May:

“I was signed to a label when I was 18 and they were a fantastic team to work with. But the time came for me to spread my wings …… I thought 21 was a great space to grow and discover something new, and I’m loving it so far! I think, perhaps being young and signed, there wasn’t opportunity for me to find my art … perhaps it was about finding songs that would sell and not about what songs were in ME that listeners may also like?”

What inspired ‘Like You Do’?

Alexandra May:

“LIKE YOU DO came out of my transition from being signed to independent. It’s about and dedicated to the people (team, friends, family, fans) that have continued to support and love me through my journey. 

It’s a fun, vibey song that represents the space that I’m in right now.” 

Musical Theatre or the Commercial Music scene – if you had to choose one, which would it be and why?

Alexandra May:

“I LOVE Musical Theatre, but it’s an easy choice at the moment …. Commercial Music. Maybe one day I’ll get an opportunity, in fact, I’d probably jump at the chance!”

If you could work with or collaborate with anyone in the music industry; musician, producer, etc… who would it be and why (local and/or international)?

Alexandra May:

“Oh my gosh! I’d love to work with Taylor Swift’s producers (from her most recent releases), if only to learn from them. To understand their minds and get their forward thinking. 

I have plans in this year to collaborate with local producers/bands. But, the cat’s not out of the bag yet. Purrrrr….”

Plans going forward; any other singles/ albums we can expect, any gigs we can look out for?

Alexandra May:

“Currently, I am working on several new projects. I’m working towards an album for next year. I’m loving the space I’m in for writing and recording, and I want to keep doing that, discovering myself and more music.”


Buy her new single here:

 Watch the video here:

Cape Town gigs lined up: 

Alma Café – 20 September

Cafe Roux City – 21 September

Barleycorn Music Club – 25 September

Waiting Room – 26 September